Monday, March 28, 2005

The new Club Hollywood

As last Friday was free from school and work (because of Easter holiday), Thursday was a party night. In Club Hollywood, there was a party called Bunny Revolution. In order to get in free, you were supposed to have bunny ears and tail. Luckily, I had won 2 free tickets (check website). The party wasn't so good, lot of funny people and bad music. However, there are a lot of new cool things in the club, for example the bathrooms look really nice and clean (you couldn't say that before). There is also a new huge vip-area (the whole second floor) and a big screen tv on the wall. If you're not sure what drinks to order, then I'd suggest Ocean 11, it's vodka with cranberry and lemon juice. To sum it all up: if you have nothing better to do, or nowhere else to go, visit Club Hollywood:)

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Blogger Katlinny said...

I was at the opening party of Club Hollywood and I must say I was a little dissapointed to see that the overall fuss about the "new Hollywood" was unnecessary!I find that the new decoration is rather dull and the whole places still lacks character. The only party worth going to in Club Hollywood is Uno Retro Night. Then the atmosphere is really good and you forget about the poor decoration and interior. So see you all in Uno Retro Night!

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