Thursday, March 17, 2005

Nord cafe

Located next to Tallinn Harbour, there is a supermarket/shopping centre called Norde Centrum. The largest store there is HyperRimi (formally known as Citymarket), a food shop, but it also hosts some beauty saloons, clothes and sporting stores etc. Anyway, there is also a cafe called Nord cafe. It's more like a diner, where you can have a decent lunch really quickly and affordably. For example, I went for a Seljanka (meat soup), for 20 and Strogonov (a meat sauce) with rice and salads, for 50. The servings are huge, I have never accomplished to eat the whole plate. The food was good, like a home-cooked meal. You can also have a variety of cold drinks, several types of tea/coffee and also desserts. The only thing that bothered me, was that it was really crowded, it seems to be a popular place for lunch. If you are looking for gourmet, don't go there, otherwise I'd give it a 3,5 out of 5.


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