Monday, March 07, 2005

Salsa Grill

If you're not estonian, then I doubt if you have been to one of the most beautiful places in Tallinn. It's called Rocca Al Mare (a rock by the sea in english) and it's only about 10 minute drive from the centre and it's really worth going there. Rocca Al Mare is just before Oismae. Here you can find the Tallinn Zoo, also the open-air architecture and cultural heritage museum. A little bit further is a beautiful Kakumae beach. But this is not what I wanted to talk about. In Rocca Al Mare there is also one of the biggest shopping centres in Tallinn - Rocca Al Mare keskus, and in that centre there is a restaurant that I visited. It's called Salsa Grill and it's located in the second floor, just next to Kaubamaja and furniture stores. It's quite a big restaurant. What I liked about it, is that they have separate tables for smokers (a small part at the corner) and also separate a la carte tables, so you can decide whether you'd like a quick lunch or an enjoyable dinner. I ordered salmon and shrimps cream soup (35 kroons), it was really good, quite a big portion as well. For the main course I had Fajitas, which is a southern-american dish. It's brought to you on a hot skillet, on which there are peppers, onions, jalopenos, your choice of meat, sauces and soft tortillas. I have to warn you, that it's quite spicy, but good anyway. For this, they ask 80 kroons and I think it's quite a nice meal for this money. The service was a little bit slow, but friendly. I would visit it again.


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