Friday, March 18, 2005

Thursday night out

Our plan for the night was to see the famous d'n'b DJ Hype, who was playing in Club Prive. However, after seeing the massive crowd outside at Prive's door, we changed our minds. We headed to Moskva to have couple of drinks. We had Long Island Iced Tea (85 kroons) and Martini Bianco (35). It was nice and quiet there for a Thursday night, you could easily find a table. The service was good as always, so were the drinks. We decided to go to R.I.F.F as we have never been there before and our friend was playing some music there. He's called DJ Kiva and it was his debute as a DJ. Riff has two floors, there's bar upstairs and you have to go down the stairs to find the club area. We found some flyers right on the bar tables, and the ticket with flyer was just 35 kroons, then they give you a stamp, meaning you can leave and come back whenever you want to. The club looked cool, however the dancing area is too small, and there are tables with comfy chairs everywhere, meaning that people rather sat and chatted than danced. The waiters and waitresses (REALLY beautiful girls by the way) were very friendly and suggested some cool coctails. We tried Watermelon punch (60 kroons), Fresh Fruit Martini (55) and Mojito (60?). All tasted really really good. And beer was only 20 kroons for 0,5 litre. Nice place, I will definately visit Riff again!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be honest I hate Riff so these things what you wrote cant be true or the other thing is that maybe you drank quite a lot of drinks earlier and that is why everything seemed to be so great and fun in Riff...
Riff is actually for people who dont have . . .

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Keit said...

Hei. I really love Riff.. It's so comfortable. Nice and warm.
By the way your site is really interesting :)

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cafe Moskva is a dump. It might look nice (starting to show some wear and tear) but the service is horrible. They're always out of that particular thing I want to order. The other time we went through the drinks list and I suggested at least 3 things I wanted to order and they didn't have it. One of the items was white wine (house wine?).... Go figure. The other time they only had about 3 cosmo glasses they could use, so they kept coming by to see if I had finished my drink - that was very rude. I even offered to pour the reminder of my coctail into a plastic cup so the waitress would stop stalking our table. Stuff like that is happening, e v e r y single time I go. Blehh

11:30 AM  

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